No two businesses are the same, work with us to safeguard your livelihood.


From main street to the board room and beyond businesses are as unique as the people running them. Placing the right coverage for your business is critical and we'll work to understand your needs and operations so that we find the insurance program that is right for you. Our strong relationships with multiple insurance companies allow us to build a coverage package around your needs and offer competitive pricing.  

No two businesses are the same and picking the right coverage can mean the difference between closing up for good or being interrupted temporarily. As a business owner you have to consider your customers, employees and also yourself when set up your policies. As a starting point you'll need Commercial General Liability or Professional Liability to protect yourself from incidents with third parties. If you own property or rent space a Commercial Property Policy can protect the items you need to operate. Many businesses qualify for a Business Owner's Policy (BOP) which packages General Liability and Property coverage into one policy at a discount. 

If you have employees then Workers' Compensation is a must and also required by law in most states. This important coverage protects you and your employees from costly medical expenses from work related injuries. It will also replace a portion of their lost wages. Losing your employee is costly enough don't compound the issue let your insurance step in on your behalf. 

 If you or your employees ever drive for work you may also need Commercial Auto to protect yourself. This coverage can safeguard vehicles owned by your business and provide protection if your employees use their personal vehicle for work purposes. 

If you process credit cards or collect client information a Cyber Liability or Data Breach Policy might be right for you. Businesses are increasingly under attack electronically and this coverage can be a lifesaver if your business comes under attack. It is no longer only Fortune 500 companies who are targeted. 

If you sell or serve alcohol as part of your business Liquor Liability is crucial. Your business could be held liable for the actions of intoxicated patrons. Even though you take steps to serve responsibly your business may become involved in a claim. Your policy will both defend you from lawsuit and pay claims should you be found liable.    

As independent insurance professionals working with a variety of insurance carriers and the ability to help you build a comprehensive, cost effective package is an asset your business can't afford to ignore.

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